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Over- , it is to had not seen even, this kind of disease basically is as a result of the kiss transmission, it is to belong to the disease with extremely strong sex of a kind of transmission, in the patient after happening the directest response can feel him lymph node enlargement namely, appetite drops and guttural place aches, when the more in the future develops the illness to be able to let semiotic expression become increasing, a few more and more serious.

 Disease of one-celled nucleus grow in quantity

Disease of monocyte grow in quantity is called osculant disease in western country, because it often is,through kissing this kind of way has transmission. Additional, as common as other it is the cup that water, OK to share food or cough catch this disease. Also can cause this kind of disease. Typical symptom includes: Have a fever, sore throat (sometimes serious) , appetite is lost, tired, lymph is intumescent, be located in normally cervical, alar or groin ministry, milt is hepatic and intumescent, intumescent, icteric, wampee skin yellow eye (sometimes) , have a headache, catholicity whole body is aching. The critical factor that contracts this disease easily includes: 1. Pressure. 2. Because disease immunity force is reduced. 3. Tired or the occurence rate in student of overwork; college and army is high because rest to reach surroundings jam not quite,be.

This ill main pathology feature is the benign hyperplasia of lymphatic meshwork. Liver has all sorts of monocyte soak, hyperplasia of withered cell no a family name and bureau kitchen sex are necrotic. Splenomegaly, be full of inside lienal antrum and lienal marrow be out of shape lymphocyte. Bleed fragily, easily character, even burst. Lymph node enlargement, do not form abscess, with secondary coriaceous division (T lymphocyte) proliferous and remarkable. Systemic other viscera reachs central nervous system to wait to all can have hyperaemia, oedema and lymphocyte soak like cardiac muscle, kidney, adrenal, lung, skin.

 Disease of one-celled nucleus grow in quantity

Invade buccal pharynx ministry above all epithelial the tubal shape with salivary gland is epithelial, at present research thinks EBV Yi Ke invades tonsil recess directly. The proliferous soak with EBV ceaseless amid, build up, bring about pharyngitis, tonsil phlogistic wait for a symptom. At the same time the EBV grain of transgression can be invaded namely epithelial the B lymphocyte inside next loops (B cell) , accept put oneself in another’s position because of what EBV has on these cellular film (C3d) . The B lymphocyte of infection enters systemic blood stream and whole and lymphatic net to weave a system subsequently, include all sorts of internal organs of the body. Disease of blood of clinical occurrence virus, calorific with systemic symptom, lymph node is intumescent because of follicular hyperplasia, subsequently liver, lienal also mix by drag in occurrence pathological changes.

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, stimulative B cell is many much clone is proliferous, new virus grain from the cell periodic the transgression in dissolving, enter blood stream ceaselessly, invade other B cell. Inchoate blood streamLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Cling to inside the cell but check goes out have EBV antigen (+ ) it is than making an appointment with 1: 10000, decrease in convalescence for 1: 10000000(Cohen) .

 Disease of one-celled nucleus grow in quantity

Because the B cell of infection suffers the effect of EBV, cellular film produces antigen sex change, can activation a large number of hyperplasia of T cell, namely reactivity T cell appears in great quantities inside blood stream, this is the unusual lymphocyte that sees later in blood stream, but the N that also includes increase among themFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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K cell. Of the B cell that body internal cause infects and reactivity T cell abound in, cause the whole body thereby a series of complex humoral immunity and cellular immunity.

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