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Article introduction

Because darling does not have the ability of own life, so darling of all the time needs the fine understand without being told of parents to expect, accordingly at that time any problems on darling body, can be discovered by parents. Some parents are in the process that takes care of darling, discover darling fart is very frequent. Although to normal person, fart is phenomenon of a kind of normal peristalsis of intestines and stomach only, but if is darling fart frequency too frequent be normal?

Darling fart is much better

One, infantile fart is good

Actually, the phenomenon with darling much fart is in infantile period is very common. Development of baby tummy bowel won’ts doShanghai night net

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Ripe, cause darling peristalsis of path of each phase bowel is not harmonious, cause alvine path to bilge gas — abdomen murmur murmur is noisy, exhaust is much, fart is much, can appear often of unidentified reason cryLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Be troubled by.

Is fart eupeptic after all dyspeptic still? This has two kinds of cases, the parent can observe carefully. Some darling are met in the body when fart twist, the appearance that looks very uncomfortable, and little face also hold back is gotten aglow, this is dyspeptic likely. If be done not have when darling fart unwell, very lightForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Loose, that need not worry, the digestion that this is darling runs normal show.

Still one is plant may be darlingLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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When suck the breast engulf one part air, if suck air, be about to come out its platoon, become so very meeting fart, this also is very normal.

Darling fart is much better

2, infantile fart after all adumbrative what

Actually, still imply in the different fart of darling different healthy signal! If the parent can observe carefully, can ” decode ” the healthy state of darling oh.

1, smelly fart: Fart or hiccup are ceaseless, have sour taste. Do not ignore this kind of smelly fart, this is the expression of darling indigestion. The parent should decrease at this moment adipose absorb with high protein alimental, what move the food of feed is a few rarer.

2, empty fart: If darling keeps brokenly fart, but without the stink, this is the bowel that causes because of hunger after gastric bowel platoon is empty more peristalsis increases cause. Often still hear right now blast blast bowel cries sound, this kind of circumstance is darling hunger, should feed in time feed.

3, fart takes: If in order of the food of darling, spirit, without the circumstance of diarrhoea, fart belt excrement is normal phenomenon. If darling produced diarrhoea phenomenon, be about to consider is darling dyspeptic or produced infection of alvine path bacterium.

Darling fart is much better

A kind of normal physiology is belonged to to react when infantile fart has, mom were not necessary to worry too too. But some moment baby fart are ill rational reaction however, so must seasonable cure just goes. Be after allShanghai night net

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Kind it is OK that the reason brought about infantile fart contrast according to what the article tells, believing the darling that you can understand yourself certainly always is fart is what reason after all.

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