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Receiving anus to be returned when having sexual life to female friends is the profit that can have a lot of, especially the urethral mouth of itself compares female friends namely short, if be not to receive anus to be able to make the body that very much bacterium enters him in-house, can cause more and more problems soLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, because this still wants to be in inchoate when find the remedial method that suits oneself, actually a few operations treat the effect to had been compared namely.

Receive anus to have what profit

The female shrinks the sexual life problem that because the vagina is caused flabbily,shade can improve, but it is insoluble the sexual life problem that creates because of psychology or other reason. Shrink shade art is a not quite complex operation, main method has two kinds, one kind is the partial mucous membrane of rear wall of direct purify vagina, oversew next in order to achieve constrictive goal, additionally one kind is the vagina that does not injure vaginal mucous membrane constrictive art.

Receive anus to have what profit

Need to be discussed carefully with the doctor, select right operation kind for you according to the circumstance, will reach an operation optimal effect, the pulling force that strengthens the vagina and increase stimulant. Operation time is not long, scar is less, but have vaginitis or the operation goes again after vulva infection requires treatment. Special preparation need not be made before the operation, time choice had better come before menstruation 10 days to undertake after menstruation is clean, can undertake in surgery of hospital outpatient service commonly, need not be in hospital. A week after the operation should avoid acuteness activity, return needFall in love with the sea to be the same asLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Beg applied medicaments to prevent infection, art hind prohibits inside January sexual lifeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Shrink posture of shade art method takes cystic cut rock, with anaesthesia of rear wall of vagina of strut technology travel. Arc cut is made in skin of vaginal rear wall and side of skin of mucous membrane boundary1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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At coming off below vaginal mucous membrane the 1/2 with full-length mucous membrane of vaginal rear wall, suture of hook in of two sidewall musculature, the person that muscle ruptures gives repair, vaginal degree of tightness in order to accommodate two it is advisable to point to. Protruding of vaginal mucous membrane to the vagina inside, do not grant to excise, maintain the integrality of mucous membrane layer.

Receive anus to have what profit

Diameter of the fill inside the vagina gauze of 3 ~ 4cm coils or iodoform gauze coils oppressive and hemostatic, take out after 24 ~ 48h. Shrink the vaginal mouth suture that shade operation basically carries pair of women achieves constrictive result, the security of its operation receives very big query, the affects individual life case that and fail as a result of the operation causes has growth tendency, because this female is being done,shrink before shade operation, need basis oneself circumstance, careful make a decision, the person that the constitution does not suit, it is good to can consider to choose the curative effect on the market, public praise is very good, the external use that has broad consumer group shrinks shade product.

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