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Article introduction

There are a lot of people to be able to appear after smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline the depressed disease of different level, this discovers former hair disease with respect to need, the depressed disease circumstance that just can cure oneself arise, some patients may be to need to just can improve somewhat through medicationing, but this is the needle had arrived to a few illnesses only in the remedial method that spent patient just can use, longitudinal patient should undertake psychological dredge can improve a patient’s condition gradually only.

 Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is depressed disease

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, the key depends on comb-out ② of clinical symptom; rises live quality, restore ③ of social function; to prevent recrudesce.

Remedial principle

① is individual change dosage of remedial; ② to increase by degrees stage by stage, use the smallest significant amount as far as possible, make harmful response is decreased to least, with raising ③ of; of sex of the comply with that take drug full amount full period of treatment treats; ④ as far as possible onefold with medicine, like curative effect not beautiful can consider to change cure, synergismForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Associated therapy, but during the know the inside story before need notices ⑤ of medicaments interaction; is treated informs; ⑥ to treat, close observation illness changes and harmful response handles; ⑦ in time to be able to combine psychotherapy to increase ⑧ of curative effect; active cure and depressed in all ill other body disease, material is depended on, angst obstacle.


Medicationing is medium spend above the main remedy of depressed fit.


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The depressed fit patient of action of element of society of apparent to having psychology, in medication while often need amalgamative psychotherapy. Commonly used psychotherapy method includes to support a gender treatment of psychotherapy, cognitive behavior, human cure, marriage and domestic cure, spirit is kinetic cure, identify knowing and doing to be cure to had gotten to the curative effect of depressed fit among them accepted.

 Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is depressed disease

Interest is lost, without pleasant feeling;

Energy drops, often have the tired feeling of for no reason at allShanghai noble baby

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Reaction slows, or the mood is easy and excited, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Excited, be irritated easily also;

Ego opinion is too low, constant and self-condemned or have compunctious feeling, this also is the main reason; that brings about patient suicide

Associate to ponder over ability difficult or self-consciously to drop, to petty thing of a few daily lives also hard; of make a decision

Appear to think dead idea or have action of the suicide, self-wounding repeatedly.

Sleep-disorder, if wake insomnia, early or Morpheus is overmuch (according to research, patient of 80% depressed disease has sleep-disorder) .

Appetite is reduced or weight is reduced apparently.

 Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is depressed disease

Sexual desire drops.

Outside dividing afore-mentioned symptoms, depressed disease still has a few ” circumjacent symptom ” . In the Asia especially China and Japan, patient of most depressed disease basically is not the symptom of mood respect, have a headache however, the body symptom such as ache of giddy, abdominal distension, heart-throb, body. Accordingly a few the possibility that does not examine the body symptom that gives physiology reason to also should consider to whether have depressed disease, lest incur loss through delay is treated.

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