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The heart declines this kind of symptom means a patient to go outForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Showed heart function not complete, cannot normal absorption the nutrient composition of the outside, need us to undertake choosing the fluid infusion of small dose, and need has treatment, because of the fit that this kind of disease can relapse, we need to notice to rest more, can reduce heartbeat and limitative salinity absorb, such salinity are taller, bigger to cardiac pressure, everybody can understand a heart to decline fluid infusion practice of the patient.

The heart declines fluid infusion principle

One, the heart declines abstinence patient how fluid infusion

Heart function is not complete, should small dose fluid infusion, specific dosage should according to the patient everyday make water measures how many and calm, 500ML of the quantity that enter fluid is the following had better, and speed should slow, give priority to with correcting a heart to decline. Because the heart declines lingering of patient patient’s condition, have a relapse instead, unfavorable and long-term hospitalization, accordingly, master measure of domestic ego recuperate, have a relapse to precaution, stimulative rehabilitation is very necessary.

Rest decelerate a heartbeat: Rest meaning depends on making the rate of metabolization needing oxygen of human body is reduced, make the heart is reduced for the blood, burden that make offerings to, the heartbeat is decelerated because of this, prevent the accentuation that the heart declines or recrudesce. To spending the patient that the heart declines gently, need lie in bed to rest a few days only, can make the heart declines get controlling. To resting when still have the patient with palpitation, fast heartbeat, besides need longer outside resting, even complementary medication with strong heart, diuretic. To the person that the illness improves, can do a few light activities in order to get out of bed, but with causing palpitation, energy of life urgent the limit that serves as an activity.

The heart declines fluid infusion principle

Restrict sodium salt absorb: Sodium salt in certain endocrine the action of element falls, cause small arterial spasm, make blood pressure elevatory. Sodium salt still has the effect of adsorptive moisture, salt of every 1 gram is portable inside body moisture 200~250 milliliter. If sodium is absorbed inside bodyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Salt is overmuch, systemic blood capacity also subsequently grow in quantity, cardiac burden also increases subsequently, the heart that makes had failed originally, illShanghai Long Feng forum

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Affection degree is more aggravating.

The heart declines recuperate of patient family ego is admittedly important, but, when occurrence heart is unwell, still answer to see a doctor in time to the hospital, do not incur loss through delay treats an opportunity, cause needless hazard.

2, the heart declines is how cause

The cause that causes a heart to decline is OK varied, inducement is more complex, but basic pathogeny, bring about a heart to decline ” culprit ” return be cardiac muscle to damage for certain and heart bear is overweight. Although our heart has acting countervail mechanism, but this is not all-purpose, contemporary countervail not, turn the phase that is the countervail that miss generation.

The heart declines fluid infusion principle

Say this cardiac muscle is damaged first, the cardiac muscle that sends a gender formerly is damaged the commonnest still is to be short of cardiac muscle of courage and uprightness to damage, generally speaking, resembling is what coronary heart disease, cardiac muscle straightens dead, angina pectoris etc. Still have it is heart myositis and cardiac muscle disease, of all sorts of types all can bring about.

Besides, calculate the disease of sex of obstacle of metabolization of that intentional still flesh that must go up to send sexual cardiac muscle to damage formerly, for instance diabetic heartShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Myapathies, make water1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Myapathies of myapathies of poisonous disease heart, armour excessive heart, armour decreases cardiac muscle disease to wait a moment.

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That sends Yu Jiakang’s heart disease e.g. afterwards, say on medicine for ” heart disease of sex of thyroid poisonous disease ” , actually armour excessive patient can cause a heartbeat add fast, heart to expand mostly, pressing of wrong, arteries and veins increases rhythm of the heart the expression that waits for cardiovascular system, exceed a quantity to keep developing it to the heart inside human body as thyroid hormone ” noxiousness action ” , heart nature can appear problem.

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