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More, resemble oviposit occurrence obstacle, oviduct is unusual etc pose oviposit occurrence problem, the backside of every successful conception is existing lucky it is not easy to follow, accordingly, the accurate mom that becomes pregnant successfully must cherish an embryo in1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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darling, what is a lot of females do not know high grade and follicular level, what is high grade and follicular standard? Next we look.

 High grade and follicular standard

One. What is high grade and follicular standard?

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Bubble, its size diameter should come in 18mm between 25mm.

2. Monitor follicular import

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In the process that in the female infecund disease examines, monitor follicular very important, its purpose is understanding follicular whether normal growth and development, whether be waited for by eduction.

 High grade and follicular standard

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3. Monitor follicular time

The follicular time that monitor undertakes in the 10th day when menstrual cycle begins commonly, commonly used method is B exceeds detect, the observes follicular diameter change condition with this can direct method.

Below normal circumstance, in before oviposit 4 days when, follicular diameter grows in average and daily meeting about the circumstance of 3mm, this characteristic hopes female friend can remember. Besides, ovarian before the female’s oviposit after the follicular maturity inside about the diameter is 17 ~ 25mm, but after oviposit these are follicular can disappear, when ovarian inside bigger follicular when beginning to disappear, had produced oviposit with respect to clew.

 High grade and follicular standard

4. Follicular and how old ability by eduction

In addition, of female friend follicular grow how old when by eduction, need because of the person other, every female friend is discrepant, follicular and how old what mature ability considers can have normally certain is different, of average woman friend follicular when growing 15mm, OK by eduction, some female friends grow 25mm just by eduction. This is according to the particular case of female friend decision, so, the follicular size of female friend needs to go to a hospital checking, ability

It is mature to can understand, normal. If appear not the circumstance of oviposit should have treatment in time.

Normal mature and follicular volume is 18-25mm, under or be more than this standard, that cannot normal oviposit. The follicular size below normal circumstance is not fixed, its size changes along with time trends, follicular it is with the growth of 0.2CM speed grows everyday. If detect,do not have 18-25mm to the follicular size that reach, the proposal continues to do B to exceed monitor clear oviposit situation.

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